Insta in App Pay

Have you ever seen a selfie of a friend (or celebrity) on social media and immediately wanted to comment, “Where did you get that shirt?” Or noticed a single knick-knack in a composed lifestyle shot and been frustrated when you couldn’t seem to find that one item on the retailer’s website? Or overall just wished that you could tap on a photo of something (anything!) and have the option to ‘add to cart’? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we’ve got good news for you: Instagram has introduced online shopping and in-app payments on their platform!

In this video, we’ll discuss “image-based shopping” and what it can mean for retailers. We’re especially intrigued by the idea of ensemble shots, in which an interested viewer can click on individual items in a photo to learn more details about each, or simply buy everything all at once. Now, the technology for doing so isn’t quite here yet (at least not for ALL Instagram users), but we can definitely see marketing trends headed in this direction. It’ll be a relatively new way for ordinary people to make purchases, as well as a new revenue stream for marketers and our clients to explore.