Eric McGehearty

Total Pharmacy Supply distributes pharmacy supplies wholesale to pharmacies across the country. Their products include equipment bags, medical equipment, medication compliance aids and more.

As stated by TPS on their site, their mission is “to promote success and happiness for our family of customers, vendors and employees by perfecting the customer experience through world-class distribution and pharmacy services.”



The TPS site also had multiple url’s for the same products causing duplicate content issues. Our plan was to clean up the overall site structure to get rid of the duplicate content as well as optimize all the pages on the site, even if it meant working through them one by one.

The second challenge was Total Pharmacy Supply’s paid search campaigns on Adwords. While they had been running for about a year, the campaign profitability was barely break even most months and in some cases they were even losing money on the campaigns.


Globe Runner began by analyzing the client’s website as a whole. We restructured the navigation menus to get rid of duplicate pages as well as implemented redirects for pages that were removed to ensure no loss of traffic. We then began working through on page updates for every page on the website. Along with these ongoing updates, we also ensured that new quality content was being added to the site through their blog, built up their social profiles and were constantly on the look out for highly relevant link opportunities for their website.

On the paid side, we did a complete account overhaul and restructured their existing campaigns. Through some key insights and ongoing optimization, we were able to make a big impact on the account profitability.


Organic Results

When comparing the year prior to Globe Runner with the most recent 12 months, TPS has seen:

52.20% increase in organic traffic

345.13% increase in organic revenue

The results were impressive.

While Globe Runner was able to drive great improvements to overall organic traffic levels, the increase in revenue far outweighed the increase in traffic. Through proper site optimization along with quality targeted content and link building, Globe Runner was able to drive better converting, more relevant traffic to the website which lead to the huge increase in revenue.

Paid Results

When restructuring the Adwords account for Total Pharmacy Supply, Globe Runner made two key observations:

While TPS had a wide variety of product available, they were only bidding on a handful of specific category terms

Some of the keywords they were bidding on had very high crossover with general consume searches. Because TPS only sells to businesses, bidding on terms like “medical scrubs” or “oral syringes” that have high search volumes from ever day consumers meant they were paying for click by customers who couldn’t purchase from them and therefore throwing away money

Total Pharmacy Supply started their campaigns in Q3 of 2012. Globe Runner took over management one year later in 2013. These small insights had a huge impact on campaign profitability:

722% increase in campaign profitability when comparing the year of TPS management to the most recent 12 months of management by Globe Runner.