10 Clever Last Minute Halloween Costumes

For my first ever blog post I’m going to keep it simple and by simple I mean a lot of pictures with few words.  In honor of Halloween I’ve compiled a list, picture list that is, of the top 10 easiest/most clever last minute costumes. Enjoy!

10. A little face paint + a deep v-neck and you’re French Kiss…

french kiss

9. For all you powerful women out there, grab a blue button down and a red headband. You can do it!


8. Put on a little yellow face paint, a fake mustache, and some glasses and Hey-Diddly-Ho, you’re Ned Flanders.ned flanders

7. Or trade the yellow paint for a cardboard sign Goshhhh


6. If you have access to ceiling tiles, find some electrical tape and learn how to spell debt.

debt ceiling

5. This next costume is great if you’re looking to steal beer all night without getting in trouble. After all you’re just staying in character!


4. For all you gingers out there looking for a last minute costume on a budget, this one’s for you!

ginger bread man

3. You know that red flannel t-shirt you like to wear every other day of the year? Why should today be any different?


2. I can always appreciate a great nerd costume and this one is by far the easiest.


1. And the easiest and most clever costume for all you last minute party goers…

nudist on strike


Well I feel pretty good about this first ever blog post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!



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