What Globe Runner is Thankful For This Year

It’s Thanksgiving time here in the USA, and this year we thought we would share what we are thankful for this year. Several of our Globe Runner employees thought long and hard–and are offering up what they’re thankful for.

what we are thankful for

Corey: I’m thankful for my ability to grow and learn this year.

Cindy: Coffee:)

Teresa: I am grateful for my health, family, friends, pets, boyfriend, and having interesting work. Happy Thanksgiving!

Katy: I’m thankful for all our wonderful family members who helped me and Scott to get our first house this year šŸ™‚

Amanda: I am thankful for all that makes me smile… my children, family and friends, our good health, our beloved pets, and my wonderful coworkers!

Alicia: Sleep

Andre: Iā€™m thankful for the friends that invite us over to their house every year.

Erin: I am thankful that I am still allowed to be who I am and live as I choose, and I’m thankful for the people who helped, and help, give me that freedom.

Brian: I’m thankful for my health.

Jenna: coffee šŸ™‚

Allen: I’m thankful for grace. Whether its in code, in a specification or design, in a persons attitude, or in problem solving… When i see grace in action… Im always thankful for it. Its like seeing a shooting star, or rainbow in the dark… Grace narrowly inched out serendipity for the great thank off 2014.

Jeff: I’m thankful for the Globe Runner team for being great at what they do.

Amy: 2014 has been one of the most profound years of my young life. Over the least 12 months I saw parts of the world I never thought I would, explored parts of the world I never knew I wanted to visit, and returned to parts of the world that I hope to someday call home. I am immensely grateful to work with incredible bosses, coworkers and clients who have not only supported my wanderlust, but made it possible. I am also exceptionally appreciative of my family and friends who have housed me on my travels, and loved me through each step of my journey.

Bill: I’m thankful for my wonderful family, my health, and awesome coworkers!

Claire: I am thankful for my family, friends, and all the opportunities this year has provided me.

Chris: Thankful for my awesome family. But mainly my hot wife.

Anusha: I am thankful for my mom who is working so hard for my marriage.

We would love to hear what you’re thankful for, let us know in the comments below.