Globe Runner Camping Trip

We spend a great deal of time and effort working to create and maintain a specific culture at Globe Runner SEO. We want to foster ingenuity and creative thinking, provide an environment that nurtures yet challenges and end up with a cool, fun place to work that turns out great results.

With that in mind our intrepid C.E.O., Eric McGehearty, organized our 1st annual Father-Son Camping Trip. Several members of our staff have small children and thought this might be a great Saturday night, Sunday morning adventure. We ended up with 6 families, and even crossed the gender barrier and had two ladies join the boys club festivities.
On Saturday November 21st, our fearless group of 6 braved the treacherous roads of Dallas/Ft Worth to pitch our tents on the beautiful rocky shores of Lake Grapevine at Murrell Park.

We spent the afternoon collecting firewood, fishing with no luck, hiking and topped it off with a special racketeering presentation by one of the fathers. Despite windy conditions and water surrounding us on three sides, we successfully recovered every rocket launched!
We settled in that night to a wonderful dinner of steak, chicken and scallops on skewers cooked on an open fire under a starry sky. Add in a side of grilled vegetables and some olive oil and rosemary potatoes and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. We finished the night with some s’mores for the kiddos and then retired to our tents for the evening.

We were greeted the next morning with an absolutely brilliant morning, clear skies, cool but pleasant temps and all the colors of fall we yearn for. After collecting some more firewood and taking the kid’s on a “bear” hunt, we built a nice fire and enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and grilled vegetables . With full belly’s and our time running out, we enjoyed some last minute fishing, football and then cleaned up our campsite, making sure to pick up and dispose of all trash and take care in dousing our fire and turning the dirt with a shovel to ensure all coals were extinguished.

As a guy with very limited camping experience, none in the last 25 years, and a self-labeled suburbanite, I was apprehensive about the entire experience. I was totally and completely wrong. We had a fabulous time as my 4 year old is still talking about the experience nearly two weeks away. From food to conversation, to ambiance to location, this was a trip we’ll seek to replicate. While I live in a digital world and work for a digital company in a digital industry, our analog night was a memory that no algorithmic update can erase or devalue.