Mobile Applications of Worldly Importance

Tension continues to rise in Cairo as civilians encourage tyrant dictator of 30 years, Mubarek, to leave his post in office. The Egyptian government tried to cut off contact with the rest of the world by shutting down the internet and inter-continental phone contact to ease the focus of riots and the revolutionary uproar. This preliminary attempt failed as young people were able to connect with the outside world via mobile devices and social media, being the only link to news for the outside world. This shows us just how powerful this technology is. Eric McGehearty, CEO of Globe Runner SEO, shares with us his thoughts about mobile applications and how they can not only impact our personal outreach, but greatly benefit your business.

Eric: Hi, it’s Eric here with Globe Runner SEO, and I want to talk about a sign of the times. How’s our world changing today, in a more interconnected environment? Today’s events in Cairo, with the political movements that are going on there, and really the Internet and the whole social grid we have was shut down for some time. The only way that we were getting news out of Cairo were through young people using social media Twitter, Facebook through their portable devices and through wireless communication. That is really the way the world is moving, in terms of how we’re communicating with each other. So, as a business owner, how do we take that and really get a deeper, better understanding of how we can communicate with our customers and our client base? It’s about instant, direct communication. How can you and I talk, right now, through the Internet? How can we form a connection instantly, very quickly?
Social media is really the answer to that. Now whether or not it’s young people in a political movement, or a business here in the States, trying to make a better presence, a quicker connection, and a faster access to their customer base, these are the ways that we’re going to be doing it. It’s through mobile devices and it’s through social media.
But, the mobile device is key. The mobile device lets me connect on the street every day. The traditional media now is being superseded or supplemented through word on the street, through individuals who are using their phones to capture bits of information, news updates, and push them out through social media.
If you’re set up properly with your mobile devices, you can very, very quickly get information out. As a business owner, it’s an incredibly powerful and quick way that I can communicate with my customer base, through my device, out and about, and really engage with people and excite them about what we’re doing as a business. If you can incite them, make them interested in your business, and help them connect to you, they’re going to be more engaged and more likely to spread the word about your company.
Thanks so much. This was Eric with Globe Runner SEO. Hopefully, today we can keep connecting things that are happening in our world with how we can grow our business, stay connected, and grow a powerful company. Thanks so much, I appreciate it. Great talking to you.