Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Behavior

Let’s get to one of my favorite subjects; artificial intelligence. I love this because I’m such a super tech nerd that I think AI is the coolest thing to talk about. It’s here. It’s real. We really have AI now.

Now, I don’t know if it thinks and feels like we do, but I’ll tell you what it will do. It will start acting as a lot of customer service behaviors will be taken over by AI.

Nowadays, you can get assistants that will manage your emails for you. I’ve got an AI on my computer that helps me write more compelling messages that I just installed a few days ago. It’s reading my text as I’m writing it and making recommendations on how I can get a response.

Wildly cool stuff, but here’s one thing that you can expect. A lot of consumer behaviors will start to be influenced by AI and what I’m here to ask you, or push you on a little bit, is are you thinking about that for your business? Because if you’re not, you will soon be behind the times.

AI is admittedly the future, but it’s a future that’s coming this year, in 2017. It’s not a future that’s long, long away, years and years from now. It’s literary rolling out this year.

I think we’ll start to see major retailers start to pick up AI in their customer service departments and start to respond to people in ways that the consumers are actually happy with and they get an accurate and quick response.

AI, remember, can gather huge amounts of information and answer consumer queries much quicker. So, be thinking about that when you’re thinking about how your business strategy is going to grow and are you going to react to AI and are you going to be able to integrate that effectively and be a market leader in your space?

Thanks so much for reading. If you’d like to brainstorm about AI a little bit, give me a call. I have fun talking about it, just because I think it’s a great subject.