Creating An Effective Content Calendar

The content calendar. I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. The content calendar really is your guiding ship. It’s your light post that you are heading towards from a content strategy point of view.

How to make it effective is key, so there are some things I’ll point out.

First off, think about the year in advance. Come up with all the major holidays and all the different things that you want to mention about those days in your content calendar.

That way, you’ll have everything planned out and ready to post. You could potentially have something that you would do that’s specific for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Once you have that in mind, you want to integrate and lead up to these holiday-specific events.

Another thing to think about this is who your buyer is. At Globe Runner, we look at two things: the buyer and the keyword strategy.

We develop the keyword strategy first, and then we look at keywords that stem from common questions that are being asked about the topic. We also look at common search words that are coming up, and we use those to inform the content calendar.

Then, we match those queries with the buyer persona that we’ve written that would most likely ask that question. That way, we can write the content towards that buyer persona.

For instance, in a B2B space, we might have a client who could sell to a CEO, CFO, or CIO. This depends on which angle they’re coming in from and the software they are selling, like an ERP system.

We write different pieces of content that are angled towards the owner/decision‑maker, towards the financial decision‑maker, and towards the technical decision‑maker, and different keywords will inform different pieces of content.

The effectiveness of a content calendar is not just having one so you know what you’re going write in advance. Rather, having a calendar with some thought behind it is part of your SEO strategy, part of your engagement strategy, and an overall part of your inbound lead generation strategy.

We would love to talk with you about content marketing and help you write your content calendar. Call us anytime. If you want to post any questions or any suggestions for future topics in the comments, I would love to address them in the next video.