Free 2017 Content Calendar Template (Downloadable)


Last year, one of our most popular blog posts was our free 2016 content calendar via Google Sheets, complete with sections for your social media posts so that you could plan out your whole year of content marketing. In that spirit, we’ve updated the calendar and once again it’s free to download and use at your discretion.

How to use this content calendar template:

  1. If you can open it, then it’s saved onto your Google drive. To save your own copy that you can edit, simply go to File –> Make a copy to have your own. There is no need to request us for access to use the sheet. Repeat: There is no need to request us for access to use the sheet!
  2. Navigate the months using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  3. US Federal holidays are highlighted in blue. Weekends are highlighted in pink. Just so you don’t mistakenly schedule a blog post for the weekend.
  4. Key dates for the months are listed in Column C-D. We deliberately added a generous helping of silly days (hello, Barbie Day on March 9), famous birthdays and today-in-history entries for the occasional moment when we run out of clever things to say on social media. You can change these of course to the type of content that makes sense for you.
  5. This calendar was completed within the last few days. Obviously a lot of things can happen between now and 2017. We encourage you to check other sources in case you’re building campaigns around sports and other special event dates.

Ready to plan out your year?

Download our exclusive 2017 Content Calendar Template

Plan out your entire year in one place.