December Monthly Summary

Globe Runner SEO Year in Review

Before we look ahead to the New Year, we felt it appropriate to spend a moment and review some of the successes of 2012.  A banner year in many respects, some of the largest changes came internally, where three of our own were promoted to new positions, with the advancement of Cody Sharp to SEO Team Lead, Felipe Rocha to Lead Developer, and Damon Gochneaur to Director of Marketing.  With strong leadership in place, Globe Runner added some core team members in Andy Odom, Account Strategist, Claire Parker, Communications Specialist, and Cameron Fergus, Web Developer.

While growing our team and client list, we were also proud to maintain a key position in the industry, with our CEO, Eric McGehearty, being re-elected to the DFWSEM Board of Directors as Vice President of Sponsorship.  DFWSEM is the largest regional Search Engine Marketing professionals group in the country and helps to validate our role in both our local community as well as our professional circles

2013 SEO Trends

A study conducted at the end of 2012, has shown that SEO is increasing in recognition in importance as a part of an overall marketing strategy.  This is illustrated by survey participants:  66% indicated that their marketing budgets were increased for 2013, 6 out of 10, reported that they were increasing their SEO budget for the following year, and 16% of organizations now have a dedicated Search department.  Search as a marketing strategy continues to grow.  At Globe Runner we are prepared for this and are staying ahead of the curve and continuing to develop our strategies to help our clients rank ahead of the competition.

Two trends that are predicted to take a major role in 2013 are link diversification and content marketing.  At Globe Runner, we have always taken a diversified anchor text link strategy, believing that it was best to diversify back link profiles and have anchor text links to relevant content that our clients’ customers are searching.  Globe Runner’s content marketing strategy has been focused on encouraging and assisting our clients in publishing and optimizing quality content often, keeping a company site fresh and useful for customers.  We also stress the importance of publishing relevant, interesting company news as press releases.

Big Data is another important topic for 2013.  More and more data is now available from search and social platforms.  These platforms are no longer in their infancy and for the first time reliable data is available.  The challenge will be to analyze and apply this data in data driven decision making.  The statistics below illustrate just how much data is available and what the industry is describing as “Big Data.”

This data is really staggering when you think about its implications.  New tools like Facebook Graph Search will help with the applications of this data.

Big Data Stats:

  • 1 billion Facebook users
    • 500 terabytes of data per day
    • 2.7 billion “Like” actions per day
    • 2.5 billion pieces of content per day
    • 300 million photos per day
    • 500 million Twitter users
      • 400 million tweets per day
      • 156 million Public Blogs

Social News

Facebook announced a new search tool on Tuesday: Facebook Graph Search.  Graph Search will allow Facebook users to search for information about their friends within the platform.  Searches can be done for information about people, photos, places, and interests.  For example, within Graph Search, a user will be able to search for which of their friends like the show, How I Met Your Mother and are from Denton.  The search results will display your friends.  You will also be able to search friends of friends.  The search tool will not violate Facebook privacy settings in anyway because the only information that will show up in search results is data that is normally viewable on Facebook based on users’ privacy settings.

The implications for social media strategy with the Graph Search tool are exciting.  The tool is currently in beta mode, but once it is available, brands will be able to use the search data to highly target certain fans in a much more personal way.  Watch the demo from Facebook.