November Monthly Summary

Globe Runner SEO Updates

November has been a busy month with some internal changes including the format of our monthly and weekly reports.  Do not be surprised if the reports you see in January are formatted differently than what we have previously sent out.

Continuing our season of networking events, our SEO Team Lead, Cody, went to the Dallas Digital Summit. The speakers at the Summit had a central theme around the wealth of data that is provided with digital marketing and how using this data appropriately leads to better decision making and an increased ROI.  Our philosophy at Globe Runner this year has been “data driven decision making” we have seen this confirmed by our peers as a winning strategy and many of our clients have benefited from these decisions.

2013 SEO Predictions

Our CEO, Eric McGehearty, recently put together some predictions for the coming year in the online marketing space.  The talk was originally given for the members of TIE.  In the talk, Eric discussed likely changes in the Google algorithm, possible tech mergers and acquisitions, continued growth of mobile and upsets in the social media space.  The talk also focused on opportunities for entrepreneurs to leverage online marketing to their business advantages. Here is a preview of the talk.

Social News

If you are one of the millions of Twitter and Instagram users then you have probably noticed that Instagram photos no longer show up in your Twitter feed and you will now have to click on the Instagram photo link to see the photos.  This is just one of the ways the social sphere is becoming more and more cutthroat as each social media platform vies for dominance.  It is becoming even more important now to have a social media strategy that customizes your messaging specifically for each platform.