January-February Monthly Summary

Globe Runner SEO Updates

Meet the newest member of the Globe Runner team, Claire Elizabeth McGehearty!  She joined the team in Lewisville, Texas on February 15, 2013.  She is by far the smallest member at only 7lbs 9oz and 21 inches long.  She and her three big brothers keep founders Eric and Heather very busy!

Claire Elizabeth McGehearty

Claire Elizabeth McGehearty

PPC Update

This month Google announced Enhanced PPC Campaigns.  These campaigns will be “smarter” and multi-device friendly.  A single campaign will now support different locations and devices, thus replacing the old system of creating duplicate campaigns for each location and device for which you want your ad to run. Within an Enhanced PPC campaign, you will be able to customize your ads and bids based on the time, device, and location of the customer.  Enhanced campaigns will also offer advanced reporting that will allow comparisons between different types of conversions; for example, app downloads vs. phone calls lasting longer than 60secs.  All of these changes are geared towards reducing the number of campaigns and the complexity of your Adwords account.

Google plans to roll out the Enhanced campaigns slowly by first giving advertisers the option to switch some of the campaigns to the Enhanced version to test out the new system.   At Globe Runner, we are excited for this change and have already switched a couple of accounts to play with the new system and prepare for every account to be Enhanced. By the middle of this year, Google plans to upgrade every account.

Social News

The most famous adverting day of the year, the Super Bowl was this month.   This year’s Super Bowl ads sold for $3.8 million per 30 sec spot.  However, the now infamous 34 minute blackout opened up a unique opportunity for real time marketing.  The brands that were able to react quickly to the black out with relevant and creative content have been praised by the social media industry.  Social media is the ideal real-time marketing platform.

By far, the most praised real time marketing and social media “win” during the Super Bowl blackout was Oreo’s tweet, “You can still dunk in the dark.”  This tweet was a win because it highlighted a current event in a non-disparaging way and tied it into the brand’s message in a creative way.

A great social media strategy incorporates current events that can be easily tied to a brand’s message in a way that makes sense and provides a positive feeling about the brand.  The brand’s message should not be lost in the “noise” of the surrounding issue.  Only a few brands have done this well, and Oreo is the most recent example.


Just for Fun

The high price tag of a Super Bowl ad spot had those of us in the digital space talking about how much further that $4 million would go if used on internet marketing.  A few examples of this are an 8 day homepage ad on YouTube (which is one of the top five most visited pages on the web), 200 pieces of Buzzfeed-sponsored content (which is a personal favorite and highly shared site for those of us Globe Runner), and a spot on Twitter’s Promoted Trending Topic every day for a month!  For more on what $4 million can buy online, see http://digiday.com/brands/what-a-4-mil-superbowl-ad-could-buy-in-digital/.