Art Exhibition – Gary Perrone

Gary Perrone

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017 we are hosting a gallery showing and cocktail party, featuring Gary Perrone and his artwork.

Join us for a night of drinks, appetizers, music and original paintings. Click to RSVP here.

Perrone’s work made him a finalist at the Hunting Art Prize in Houston and his work has been featured in various places like the 41st Annual National Juried Art Exhibition, Clampitt Creative Center, and The McKinney Avenue Contemporary. The alternative art space Firehouse debuted with Perrone and his work. His collection of portraits and abstracts show innovation in style as well as content.

Globe Runner’s corporate social responsibility project is moonlighting as an art gallery:

When we moved to Addison in 2014, our bare walls inspired this idea: Use them as exhibition space for up-and-coming artists in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our CEO, Eric McGehearty, is a professional sculptor which made the idea of Gallery 550 a relevant one for us. So three times a year, we hold exhibitions that are kicked off with an invitation-only cocktail party.

About the Artist: Gary Perrone

gary perroneAs a 1983 BFA graduate of the Hartford Art School, Gary Perrone began a career as a graphic designer in New York City in 1984. He has continued his design career here in Dallas, but Texas has further inspired him to branch out into paintings on canvas, watercolors sculptures, and even cookies. Gary is also the founder of ArtCookies LLC, an endeavor that combines his love for cooking with his passion for art.

Although Perrone’s work looks diverse at first glance, you can start to see connective tissue to this otherwise “stream of consciousness.” Another aspect is his use of color which has an underlining theme. You can tell he uses a more thoughtful color palette. You don’t see any day glow or purely depressing colors here. Maybe his years as an art director have helped him to refine his sophisticated choices or maybe his measured approach keeps the colors tonally similar.

Whatever the reason, the results are very approachable paintings.


Below are some examples of his work:




city painting painting

perrone work

painted cookies painted cookies