NICMAXX Online Appoints Globe Runner for SEO, Content Marketing Services

Globe Runner’s client roster has one new addition: Digital retail site NICMAXX Online.

NICMAXX Online conducts e-commerce for NICMAXX, an electronic cigarette brand that has grown in popularity in key consumer markets such as New York, Las Vegas and Florida. Developed over eight years by smokers for smokers, its proprietary blend of ingredients closely replicates the sensory experience generated by traditional cigarettes.

NICMAXX Online_e-cig_vaping_brand_appoints_Globe_Runner_SEO

Based in Addison, Texas, NICMAXX Online comprises the retail site, social media accounts for Twitter (@NicMaxxStore), Facebook (@nicmaxxonline)) and other digital assets.

Apart from US customers, NICMAXX Online caters to overseas customers who may not have access to the product. Some countries still forbid the sale of e-cigarettes but do allow for purchase and personal consumption.

In a recent Wall Street Journal story, Wells Fargo valued the e-vapor market at $2.2 billion. NICMAXX Online is seeing strong growth in ecommerce with revenue tripling year-over-year.

“It’s always exciting to work on a challenger brand making ripples in a relatively new category,” said Globe Runner CEO Eric McGehearty. “The opportunities to build NICMAXX Online into a strong brand are tremendous.”

Globe Runner was started in 2008 by McGehearty in Lewisville, Texas. In addition to its core business of search engine optimization (SEO), the agency also offers online advertising, content marketing, branding and social media services.