Google Adds Knowledge Graph Drop-Down with Company Data to Search Listings

Google has recently added a drop-down to the search results listings that include Knowledge Graph data when you click the drop-down. Here’s an example of the new drop-down:


Previously I have only seen Knowledge Graph data included in the right sidebar when you search for a company name or brand. But, now there is a small drop-down next to the site’s URL, as shown above. When you click the drop-down, it looks like this:


The data is clearly from the Knowledge Graph, although for the Marriott Hotels example above there is no source shown. I was able to see that for another query, related to software outsourcing, the data comes from Wikipedia:


The good news here, I suppose, is that it’s not huge major brands like Marriott that this is showing up for–it’s other companies that are now being included with this new Knowledge Graph drop-down in the search results. So, there’s a chance that if your company is included in the Knowledge Graph (like being in Wikipedia or, then there’s a chance that your site will get a drop-down like this, as well.

Google announced they were testing this back in January, but I’m personally seeing this much more now, so perhaps it’s now being rolled out to more sites’ search listings now.