Google Penalty Removal: Globe Runner Gets Another Manual Action Revoked

Google Penalty revoked

Globe Runner received yet another message in Google Webmaster Tools about a Google penalty removal: the manual action placed on a client’s website has been revoked. This client came to us in order to get the manual action that had been placed against their website by Google. According to Google, there were inorganic links pointing to their website. Within months, we were able to identify the inorganic links, get them removed, and upload a very extensive reconsideration request. After a few weeks, Google responded positively: the manual action was revoked. Our proprietary Google penalty removal process works, time and time again.

You can tell if your website has a manual action lodged against it by logging into Google Webmaster Tools (verification that the you are the website owner is required). On the left side of the screen, there is a “Manual Action” option underneath the “Search Traffic” option. It looks like this below:

google penalty removal

If you have no “manual action”, then the message will indicate so. But, if you have a manual action, like shown below, then you will need a Google penalty removal service, such as the service that Globe Runner provides.

google penalty example

Google Penalty Removal
Globe Runner’s proprietary methodology for getting Google penalties removed helped us with our latest penalty removal. Our process involves identifying the source of the penalty, getting those links removed, and documenting everything in the process. We believe that filing a disavow file, removed “some” of the links, and then requesting reconsideration from Google is not enough. Globe Runner goes above and beyond what would normally be expected: our search engine optimization experts, such as myself, have the experience to identify the links that Google has a problem with (even though Google won’t tell us which links to remove). We have the experience and knowledge in order to use the best methods to get these links removed. And, furthermore, Globe Runner documents everything: and presents this data to Google as proof that the Google Penalty should be removed.

For our latest Google Penalty Removal client, here is a sample of the information that we provided Google:

“We have found additional links pointing to the site inorganic and off-topic links pointing to the site. Many have been removed, and the others have now been disavowed. We uploaded a disavow file with 3024 domains, much more than the previous disavow file. We have also identified a lot more inorganic links, ones that were very similar in nature to the ones pointed out in your response to our previous reconsideration request.

We first identified all of the links to the website. We used Google Webmaster Tools,, and, to identify all of the links. After putting all of these links into a spreadsheet and removing the duplicate URLs, we reviewed all of the links and classified them into separate lists: the links that are inorganic links that need to be removed, and the links that are not inorganic links (the links we will keep).

Overall, after gathering all of the links to the site, we ended up with:

62,519 Total Links
1,461 Total Root Domains
12,292 inorganic links, including “nofollow” links.

What We Did to Clean Up the Links
We manually reviewed all of the 12,292 links that were still “live”, which included links with the “nofollow” attribute as well as links without the “nofollow” attribute in the link.

We looked up the site owners of all 12,292 links, using a combination of whois lookups as well as manually visiting the sites to find the site owners.

We began contact website owners on September 8, 2014, and requested that the links be removed.

Around the end of September, we sent second requests for link removal after we hadn’t heard from site owners who didn’t remove the links.

We then continued to send third round and then a fourth round of requests for link removal after we still had not heard from site owners who didn’t remove the links.

As of October 21, 2014, we have contacted 12,292 link owners whose links to (client name) we thought were unnatural or inorganic, and got emails back from 3386 of the site owners. Of those site owners who responded:

3386 responded to our emails
5025 no response after several contacts
5294 links removed
499 refused to remove link
1474 requested payment”

Above is only a part of the message that we sent to Google to get this Google penalty removed. We also provided additional details of the links, as well the actual emails we received. We sent out over 12,000 emails. And, we received 3300 responses (about 25 percent responded to us). We got over 5,000 links inorganic links removed to the website. This is just the numbers that were sent to Google around October 21st, 2014. Since then, there are even more links that have been removed as a result of our efforts.

As you can see, Globe Runner’s efforts are extremely thorough and detailed–that’s our goal here. And that’s what will get a Google penalty revoked nowadays: you absolutely must identify the right links and get them removed. Then document everything.