Progressive Web Apps

What if you could take the functionality of an app and put it into a website? That’s what we call progressive web apps.

It’s a new technology, a new way of writing code, that allows you to install information on somebody’s phone through your website and give you a lot of the functionality that an app has.

Some of the pieces of functionality include my personal favorite, push notifications. Another one would be offline functionality.

You’re literally installing an app on their phone (with their permission, of course) without them downloading and installing an app.

From a conversion point of view, it’s a much easier conversion to get somebody to give you permission to send them coupons later than it is to get them to install an app right then and there.

You’re going to get a higher percentage of people to convert and install your progressive web app and allow your brand to stay top of mind on their device.

Now there are some limitations to progressive web apps. The biggest one is it’s not supported by Safari. You have to keep in mind that you’re going to develop a fantastic website that delivers on every aspect of a web experience for your customer.

It’s not an either/or, and that’s why we use the word progressive. It progressively gets better depending on which browser they’re using. If they’re using Chrome or Firefox, it’s going to go well, but it’s not going to do well on Safari.

If you’re interested in developing a progressive web app, let me know. I’d love to talk with you about it.