Time Management Apps to Make 2019 Your Most Productive Year Yet

Sometimes less is more. Except when it comes to time. In which case, more is always more. But just like money, time can’t be created. It simply has to be saved. And as a vital ingredient to any truly productive workday, an extra few hours here and there can accumulate into big bucks.

Searching for some tech tools to help you make 2019 your most productive to date? These new or updated time management apps can do just that.

1. Google Calendar. Ok, ok hear us out. No, it’s not new and has even been the staple of many scheduling platforms. However, the almighty Google Calendar has finally released an iPad app complete with iOS notifications. Alongside the widget is a drag and drop feature and a fresh, modern makeover to modernize this longtime favorite. We wouldn’t be surprised to see other third-party calendar applications step up their game to stay competitive.

2. Grammarly. Any successful digital marketing strategy requires consistent and compelling content marketing. From web copy and blog posts to social media profiles and press releases, words work to increase traffic and sell more. That is, provided you use them appropriately. Grammarly lets you spend less time editing your content and more time writing it. Download the app or extension for a built-in editor that will help ensure your spelling, punctuation, and, yes, overall grammar are by the book.

3. Linkio. Link building is integral to any effective SEO strategy. For the last two years, Linkio has been at the forefront of SEO project management – and for good reason. After all, how can you secure more links to your website if you can’t track your progress? Download Linkio to help you plan which sites to contact, give you the status of each at a glance, and even generate reports to tell you how effective your link building campaign is doing. It’s also perfect for multiple users, making it ideal for your entire team.

4. RescueTime. If time is money then RescueTime is worth its weight in gold. The internet is a black hole of distractions – distractions which can cost you big if not corralled. If you suspect you or your team is getting sidetracked, RescueTime can help you monitor and amend your unproductive online habits. Let it run in the background of your laptop or smartphone and it’ll track how long you spend in certain platforms, websites, or applications. Reports are generated at the end of each day to show you how you’ve been spending your time. Can’t seem to quit that mid-day Facebook scroll? The app also lets you block specific sites or apps based on parameters you set for yourself. Talk about self-discipline!

5. InTime. We don’t know about you, but commutes to our Dallas digital marketing agency are brutal in North Texas traffic. The InTime app aims to change all that. Now, you have the ability to set your alarm based on real time traffic flows so you’ll never again be late because of an incident. It’s especially helpful if you travel out of town for work a lot and are unfamiliar with the typical rush hour traffic patterns. Simply set the destination to your next appointment and it’ll calculate when it’s time to leave so that you arrive on time or early.

6. Universal Password Manager. Data breaches impacted some “765 million in the months of April, May and June alone”, according to USA Today. Even credit reporting agencies like Equifax had unprecedented hacks in 2017. All the literature warns to have different passwords for each account, passwords that are complex and varied in numbers, symbols, letters, and capitalization. But how is one to keep track of all the variations? And what application can possibly be safe enough to house such sensitive information? Universal Password Manager. Its encrypted database operates on multiple platforms, safely housing your usernames and passwords. It can even furnish you a specific password to keep you safe while logging in on public or shared devices.

If you’re really prioritizing your productivity this next year, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to handle all your SEO tactics. Make contact to see how we can help your business blow the lid off 2019.