Shop Talk: What Is Your Favorite Source to Gather Inspiration?

We wanted to start a new series of blog posts that involves everyone in our office. Because we all have different sets of skills and knowledge, the information we share may be beneficial or entertaining to others. So, keep an eye out for more of our ‘Shop Talk’ series.

What Is Your Favorite Source to Gather Inspiration?

Cody, SEO Specialist:

My most creative moments are born from discussions with other individuals. Websites developed for creative inspiration are great and all, but I truly enjoy a person-to-person discussion to find the inspiration I’m looking for. An intellectual conversation allows me to understand multiple perceptions about a certain topic.

Sean, Project Manager:

My most creative moments are in the bathtub… Well I’m a big guy so I’m never really in the bathtub, but anyway. I’m bombarded with information all day long whether it be thing I read or knowledge I learn from all of my very talented coworkers. It those quiet moments away from work and children that all that information solidifies and come together like a giant puzzle.

Chris, Lead Web Developer:

Often reading books on my kindle, stackexchange, instructional youtube videos, watching business oriented reality shows (e.g. shark tank) and reading code projects outside my domain can be the provenance of new found creativity for me.

Jonathan, Application Developer:

Music is one of my top inspirations. It isn’t so much that any specific music or artist makes ideas pop into my head; rather it puts me into a creative state of mind. I generally don’t like to work in silence, finding my work (whatever it may be) isn’t as strong as it would be otherwise. Another place I find inspiration is artwork, usually digital and concept art, cinematography, and graphic design. Something about striking visuals gets the gears in my head turning.

Kate, SEO Content Creator:

I find inspiration in documentaries. There is nothing like the realm of unscripted reality in the sense of exploration and narration. I feel passionate when I watch documentaries that invite in a motivation to see how others live and work outside my world.

Damon, Online Traffic Strategist:

Ultimately, while many forms of media and people feed my subconscious and provide the fodder for my imagination, my favorite and most tapped source to gather inspiration is my children. My 3 yr old sees the world in a way I once did, unfiltered and pure. Whether it’s the drive to meet a deadline, the seed that blossoms into my next great idea or the ever present reminder of my duty as role model, my children both inspire me in ways I never thought possible and serve as my inspiration in nearly all things I do.