Tis the Season for Search Marketing Miracles

2018 is rounding to a close. Even as we type these words we still can’t believe it ourselves. It was a big year in search marketing and an even bigger year for our full-service digital agency.

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Over the last 12 months, we made two huge strides that have helped us live up to our Globe Runner namesake. Between our two big wins at this year’s American Advertising awards and being named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 10 Fastest Growing Marketing and Ad Agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro, we’re well on our way to running our corner of the globe.

Join us for a humble brag as we look back on our accolades – plus, some key content marketing strategies that helped us get here.

Globe Runner – an Inc. 5000 Company

4203. That’s our official ranking on Inc. magazine’s 37th annual Inc. 5000. We’re now settled firmly among the admired ranks of other fast-growing, privately-owned companies in the nation.

How did we do it? Well, for starters, we grew our sales 81% in three years, making our Addison, Texas company one of a handful of digital marketing agencies who made the cut.

Yes, we’ve come a long way from our 2009 humble beginnings.

However, we’ve continued to maintain our original mantra: to help companies grow digitally. Though our mission has remained consistent, we’re continually adding new tools and experts to our full-service digital marketing agency, offering clients an internet marketing experience that’s a bounty of in-house creative design, SEO, SEM, and content marketing solutions.

In fact, it was the creative team that was responsible for our next major victory in this year of firsts.

Globe Runner – an Award-Winning Digital Agency

Next, lend us your ear as we sing the praises of our out-of-this-world team. Creative powerhouses Eddie Hale and Brett Dougall spearheaded long-time client Muenster Milling’s new Ancient Grains dog food line and packaging system.

The revamp resulted in Globe Runner taking home two Addy awards (Bronze and Silver) from the American Advertising Federation.

With two prestigious Addy Awards lining our shelves, we’re (humbly) touting ourselves as award-winning comprehensive Dallas digital marketing agency and SEO consultants extraordinaire.

And for good reason.

With the more than 40,000 entries the American Advertising Federation receives each year, the competition was stiff, to say the least. Their mission to reward the art of advertising aligns with our mission to provide our Dallas SEO clients with unparalleled creative strategy.

Essential Search Marketing Must-haves

Are search marketing and content marketing one in the same? Hardly.
Though there’s plenty of overlap, each is nuanced and has a specialized role in increasing web traffic and leads. We used a combination of both to help propel our agency to new heights this year.

Here’s a quick checklist of digital marketing must-haves for 2019 to send your brand into orbit:

  1. Long-term commitment to content. We all understand the value of posting regularly, but all that time you spent creating content and writing great blog posts is wasted if you treat it as a one and done situation. One easy way to commit to your content over the long term is to go back and update past posts that have done well. Add to their word count, bring them up to date. You’ll be surprised how much it can positively impact their SERP.
  2. Write longer posts. Speaking of lengthening your content, more and more studies show that pieces in excess of 2,000 words see more web traffic than the shorter, average 500-word article. Try getting quotes from experts or members of your team. You can also ask members of different departments to do short write-ups then edit them together for a more uniform and expanded post.
  3. Consult your buyer personas. How can you create an effective content marketing strategy without knowing who it is you’re talking to? It’s the main reason our digital agency is big on buyer personas. Every piece of content you publish should be written with one or two of these people in mind. Make sure your entire team has access to them and is so familiar they refer to them on a first name basis.
  4. Engage for more engagement. Having a conceptual understanding of who your target audience is, is one thing. Conversing with them is something else entirely. Make it a point to engage with everyone who’s engaging you. Whether you’re replying to comments they post on your feed or following them directly, the more up close and personal you can get, the more conversions you’ll see.
  5. Analyze your analytics. This should go without saying, but as an SEO firm, data is our bread and butter. Use it to see which posts are performing well and gear your strategy to make more of the same.

Stay tuned to see what we roll out next year! And if you’re ready to ignite your brand with a little search marketing rocket fuel in 2019, make contact with our creative combustibles.