Top 3 Uptime Monitoring Services

When creating a website, you work with a designer to refine the appearance and a developer to build out the code- then after lots of hard work, your site is live. A month later, you check your website and it doesn’t load. What could have possibly happened? Everything seemed normal the day before!

If you have managed a website, I’m sure you must have encountered a similar situaition. Let me tell you, it can be quite frustrating. Downtime isn’t only annoying, it can also very costly: a tarnished brand image, loss of potential business opportunities, etc.- something no one wants.

How do you avoid this? Sign up for an uptime monitoring service: whenever your website goes down, you can immediately contact your hosting provider- potentially reducing your site’s the downtime. Here are three that caught my attention:

Alert Bot (
Site 24×7 ( (

Alert Bot comes with cell phone notifications as a standard service. Also, Alert Bot does not shy away from showing off its customer list, which includes some computer giants like: IBM,, and Sony.

Although most other uptime services check your website’s uptime from different locations, site 24×7 takes it to the extreme by checking your uptime in 25+ worldwide locations. Also, for all developers out there, site24x7 has a REST based API, which allows you to access all of its data from the comfort of your website’s back-end.

Pingdom seems the most promising of the three, featuring an iPhone app, SMS, and Twitter notifications, multiple locations monitoring, and a huge list of clients, including but not limited to: Microsoft, McAfee, Huddle, StumbleUpon, Amazon, Twitter, and ABC Family. Also, for all of those who own a wordpress blog, Pingdom has a wordpress plugin that can be easily installed in your blog.

By signing up for an uptime monitoring service, you can be sure to stay in control. Whenever your website goes down, uptime monitoring services take measures to resolve those issues. Find the uptime monitoring service that’s right for your business and sleep easier tonight.