Cheat Sheet: Social Media Image Sizes

Whenever we engage a new client or do a website or marketing makeover for a client, one of the included parts is the social media part, where we review the current social media strategy and our client’s use of the social media websites. After all, social media is very much a part of SEO nowadays, and you need a good social media presence to help with your website’s SEO. To make the most of social, you need great photos and great profile photos as well as great posts. So, here’s our list, er, cheat sheet of social media image sizes.

Header Photo – 1800 x 1013
Avatar – 340 x 340

Cover Photo – 851 x 315
Profile Photo – 180 x 180 (displays as 160 x 160)
Tab 111 x 74
Link Image 1200 x 627
Image 1200 x 1200
Highlighted / Milestone Image 1200 x 717

Header 1500 x 500
Profile Photo 400 x 400
Image Display Size 880 x 440 (recommended)

Google Plus
Profile Photo 250 x 250 (visible face required)
Cover Photo 2120 x 1192
Shared Image 800 x 600

Profile Photo 800 x 800
Channel Art 2560 x 1224
Custom Video Thumbnail 1280 x 720

Profile Photo 200 x 200
Cover Photo 646 x 220

Profile Photo 600 x 600
Pinterest Pins 600 x (infinite height)
Board Thumbnail 222 x 150

Profile Photo 161 x 161
Image on Desktop (Lightbox) 612 x 612
Image Feed 510 x 510

Foursquare Check-In Photos / Local Updates
Website Activity Feed 346 x 224
iPhone App Check-In/Update Detail 584 x 274
Website Activity Feed 530 x 224

Foursquare Tip Photos
iPhone App Activity Feed 530 x 112
Website Activity Feed 530 x 112

And for those of you who are still stuck on using MySpace, here is all of the dimensions you need to build out your MySpace profile:

Photo Requirements (Max size is 20mb):

MySpace Stream Images:
Best Size: Highly subjective
Minimum 1×1

MySpace Cover Images:
Best size 2048×1152 (16×9)
Minimum 800×600 pixels

MySpace Profile Images:
Best size 2048×2048
Minimum 140×140

MySpace Mix Cover Images:
Minimum 1024×768

MySpace Song/Album Images:
Minimum 600×600

MySpace Animated GIFs:
Best Size: Anything over 300×300
10mb Max file size

All of these image sizes are mentioned as Width x Height, and are in Pixels. In our list, I’ve added a few social media websites that aren’t included in lists that others have included. Here are a few other websites that have put together their social media image size cheat sheets. They don’t include Foursquare and MySpace, though.

Constant Contact Social Media Image Cheat Sheet

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet / 2014

Sprout Social also has an “always up to date” social media image size post, where Kevin posts the current image sizes.

Bill Hartzer is Globe Runner’s Senior SEO Strategist. Follow him on Google Plus. You can also follow him on Twitter as @bhartzer.