When Eric and Heather McGehearty founded BabySafeTravel.com, they knew that search engine optimization (SEO) would be integral to their online business success. They didn’t know that their remarkable success with SEO would direct their future.

Soon after launching their online business, the McGeheartys worked with a small team of experts to create an in-house SEO campaign. Within a few months, BabySafeTravel ranked on the first page for several keywords.

After learning about BabySafeTravel’s success, people started asking Eric and Heather to assist them with their online projects. “I realized that SEO offered great opportunity, but that businesses needed expert direction in order to take advantage of that opportunity,” says Eric. “I decided to start a company to fulfill that need, so that any business could benefit from the knowledge and hands-on experience that led to our success.” Using the same team of professional web developers and marketers who were responsible for BabySafeTravel.com’s success, the McGeheartys created Globe Runner SEO. The new company took off, as businesses recognized the value of SEO and the value of hiring dedicated experts like the team at Globe Runner SEO. The company has expanded to offer additional online services like conversion optimization and social media marketing. Globe Runner’s data-driven, results-oriented approach has grown its business and its reputation: the company was recently recognized as one of the Top 100 SEO Companies (#36) by SERPs.com