Now is the Time to Get Creative!

As we face a new reality of battling the coronavirus (COVID-19), your way of life and your way of doing business has likely changed completely, seemingly overnight. While these are challenging times, for many of us, there are opportunities. Throughout history, in times of crisis, adaptability has proven to be an essential ingredient for survival. During wartime, hundreds of U.S. manufacturing companies converted their operations from making consumer goods to items essential for war.

Today, with COVID-19 spreading across the globe, nimble businesses are already adapting to meet changing demands and fill needs. Dozens of alcohol distilleries across the country are using their capabilities to produce and distribute much-needed hand sanitizer. In the UK, Dyson and Rolls Royce are being tapped to manufacture ventilators to treat coronavirus patients. Car services that usually focus on taking travelers to the airport have switched to meal and grocery delivery. Hotel housekeeping services are now sanitizing medical facilities and other venues offering essential services.

To thrive, you must find ways to pivot, to serve existing customers in a new way or use existing assets to tap into a new market. Globe Runner is here to help identify the best ways to get the word out; on your website, through targeted digital advertising, and via email and social media marketing campaigns. Globe Runner’s digital marketing expertise can

  • Bring in new customers and clients through Digital Advertising Improve your visibility with search engine optimization
  • Add online selling capabilities for products and services through an eCommerce application
  • Inform and reassure existing customers
  • Improve your online reputation with proactive strategies and messaging

Globe Runner is ready to help your business succeed in any and every way possible. Give us a call today at (972) 499-0453 for a brainstorming session on ways we can help your business.

Eric McGehearty CEO
Globe Runner