Create a Positive User Experience

Let’s talk about User experience, or UX. So why is it so important? I think it’s pretty obvious that we want the website to appeal to our viewer, but that’s not to say we want a beautiful website. Yes, we want an attractive website, but I want a website that actually functions, that has a functional user face that’s easy for consumers.

There’s a couple things to think about.

Let’s start with desktop. So, if you’re on a desktop, is it easy to see the call-to-action? Is it easy to fill out the form? Is it easy to navigate to the information that I want? Does the scrolling help or detract from the website?

Depending on the site, there can be a very different answer for that. So user experience is very situational, not all websites are alike and not all users are there for the same purpose.

Think about your various users:

Take a university website for example, a great example, or a city website. You have lots of different buyers coming to the site for different reasons. Universities have students, teachers, and potential students, applicant’s parents. They all want something different out of that site. Providing the information they want and making it easy for them to access that information is critical.

Mobile Use

That’s not all, we’re not done. We’ve only really talked about desktop. How do we make the same experience just as good on mobile or tablet or any other UX that you can think of? How do we make the person interact with the device and the device isn’t a barrier and the website isn’t a barrier for the information or decision that they are trying to make.

Hopefully that decision is to reach out and call you, and not your competitor. That’s why we take user experience so seriously.

Now, I wouldn’t stop there. Don’t just make it look good. Implement some software that will test it right. Do some iTracking software, some click tracking software, maybe do some ab testing to get your user experience up to snuff.

It’s worth the investment.

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