How To Advertise On Snapchat

So this is a follow up from a previous blog. In it, I talked about how Snapchat was primed to IPO, and with it, open up the advertising floodgates. If you recall, Facebook and Twitter very much followed the same path. In the early days of Snapchat advertising, you had to create a campaign with a very prolific agency and it could cost you a lot of money.

Now, you have the creative freedom to use the self-serve tools they have rolled out. The standard Snapchat ad will be a vertical video that will run after a user watches a snap (or a few snaps) of the people they are following. After your video ad runs, which can have a maximum duration of 10 seconds, the user will have four potential calls to action.

The first one is to download a native app from the App Store or Google Play. The second one is to read an article that is relevant to the video they just watched. The next option would be a link to your website. And lastly, the fourth option would be for the user to watch a longer form video and have your video ad act as a teaser to the services your company can provide.

Now with the ease of use of the platform there comes some drawbacks from an advertisers point of view. Unlike YouTube, which offers both the ads that do not allow for the first 5 seconds to be skipped and full length ads that can not be skipped, Snapchat offers nothing of the sort. If they are not compelled after the first second or two, they can tap your ad and will skip right past it.

This is all very interesting and we at Globe Runner can’t wait to see how it develops. We are currently not running promoted Snapchat ad campaigns, but we are actively developing one for one of our clients and will keep you posted with results and good data.