How To Implement Schema Into Your Content

If you’re looking for a new technique to enhance your SEO, Schema is a powerful tool to boost your search engine result pages, also referred to as (SERPs). Not too many people use Schema, but it’s something that most people see and interact with on a daily basis.

Why Is It Important?

Not only does Schema enhance your general search engine results, and the way that they are displayed to users, but they can improve your click through rates on your website. Schema allows Google to show your website to a larger variety of searches, further gaining the attention of a wider audience.

Where & How To Use Schema

There are a variety of ways you can implement Schema into your own content in order to enhance your rich snippets, and expand your audience.

When you use Schema markup on your own company reviews, you can cherry pick which ones you like the most, and have those displayed to users. Keep in mind you might consider throwing in at least a 4.0 star review, over 5 star reviews to make it seem more realistic.  A 4.8 star review will make your company stand above the rest, without looking too good to be true.

Health plays an important role in our lifestyles today, and with everyone monitoring their calories (especially with the New Year just starting), restaurants will want to inform their customers of the nutrition facts for their food. If you’re a restaurant owner, or any type of food related industry, an easy way to add Schema to your business page is to use the markup to create nutritional facts for your users to read.











Other Examples

Celebrities/Public Figures

This example of Oprah Winfrey shows specific information about her life, including her birth date, zodiac sign, and educational background. This information was embedded in the code in order to produce the rich snippet and improve SERPs.







When you use a site, such as Ticketmaster, it’s easy to see the Schema implemented in the search results. By incorporating Schema, they’re getting free additional links, as you can see in the sample, by providing specific dates and show times that link directly to that performance to purchase a ticket.



The next time you search for a movie, or a website, such as IMBD, you’ll find that Schema comes in handy when trying to find specific information, like ratings and genre.