How to use Social Media for Networking

In the video, Eric goes over how to use Social media as part of your sales pipeline.

Hi it’s Eric McGehearty with Globe Runner SEO today and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how to use social media for networking.

Now, one thing I think is really critical is if you meet someone in person, how do you maximize that relationship? Social media is not just about online communication, it’s about developing relationships. So, here at Globe Runner SEO we actually offer social media training and we also offer social media sales training. I just wanted to show you a really brief overview of some of the concepts that a sales person could use for social media or a business owner could use their social media connections and how to maximize that relationship.

So let’s just go through them, I’ve drawn them out real quick, real, real simple. You meet someone in person. So, you meet, maybe you talk on the phone, maybe you meet them at a networking event, whatever it is. You meet, you connect, and generally for a business to business relationship I would recommend a LinkedIn connection. So you meet, connect, and then that’s going to lead you over here to communicate. So, meet, connect, communicate. Communicate through that LinkedIn connection, that’s going to lead them to your website, your blog, your twitter account, etc.

There are many, many more opportunities, maybe a Flickr account. All of those different opportunities to display your business, maybe a Powerpoint presentation on your LinkedIn account to display your concepts, what you do, and what you offer. So you meet, you connect, you communicate and now your potential understands what your business does and now they see you as more of a person because they get to read your background, your bio, your story and maybe see a link to your Facebook page and get to see your family a little bit.

They have now met you in person, they know a little bit about your background, and they know a little bit more about the proposition you are offering. Then you reach out to them again and your reconnect with them, hopefully in person again, or through online communication, email, etc. and eventually that will lead to a return be it a sale, a referral, a reputation build, or just an opportunity.

It could be a job opportunity, a business partnership or a business development opportunity.
So the general concept is that that first meeting, if it stays here, the odds of you guys maintaining that relationship are slim to none. If you can keep that relationship going and this process right here might be a process over a long period of time, but if you can keep that relationship going, through a social media connection, this is one of the best ways to stay up to date with your people.

Now one thing that is great about once you’re connected on LinkedIn, if you are constantly updating your status with relevant, interesting information, then that status is going to feed out to all of your connections. So all of the people you meet in person are going to repeatedly see little notes from you and that is going to keep you on their minds. So when they do have a referral, they will remember you and not some other guy who didn’t connect with them. So that’s the value of social media, particularly in a networking situation. Really think about how to maximize these really big opportunities and they are really simple to do.

So if you’ve got your LinkedIn profile, make sure you have places to lead your potential customer to give them that info they need to have to understand your value proposition and then you can reconnect with them to lead to a sale, referral, reputation build, or business opportunity. Thanks so much, this was Eric McGehearty with Globe Runner SEO for more always visit our website at Thanks!