Marketing Your Retail to Go Services

With Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s most recent executive order (April 17, 2020), our state’s non-essential Texas retailers can begin offering “retail to-go” services this Friday. This is a fantastic opportunity for retailers to recoup some of the revenue that was lost over the past month when stores were shuttered.  So what is your plan for marketing your retail to-go program?

 What is Retail to-Go?

Retail to-go means selling your retail merchandise without customers coming into stores.  Stores are still closed to the public, but orders can be accepted online or by phone and retailers can ship merchandise, deliver it or offer curbside pickup. 

What Does Retail to-Go Marketing Include?

Depending on your situation, retail to-go marketing may include a wide range of communication vehicles and marketing tactics. It will most definitely include a component of online marketing –  a website with photos of your products, business pages on social media channels, and email marketing to your client base. You may have some of these in place already, but what updates are needed to get back in business quickly?  Some changes you may consider might include:

  • Add e-commerce capabilities to your existing website
  • Make website changes or additions to let customers know about retail to-go
  • Market and sell your products on your social media pages
  • Deploying an email marketing campaign to promote your retail to-go services
  • Search engine optimization to ensure your products are discovered by interested customers
  • Paid search ads to be sure your products are prominently displayed in searches

Rocket Fuel for Retail 

Hopefully you have been keeping your customers informed during the COVID-19, so you’re on their radar and they’re anticipating your return to the marketplace.  The start of retail to-go means it’s time to go full blast.  If you need the help of an online marketing agency with more than a decade of experience, Globe Runner is your partner.  We are here to help inject your retail operation with rocket fuel, propelling it to success. If you’re ready to blast off, call us at (972) 472-8528 for a free digital marketing consultation.