National IT Professionals Day 2018

Hey end-user!  Have you thanked your bit ’n’ bytes virtuoso lately?  Your IT professional does not live on caffeine and trouble tickets alone!

If a note of praise or thank you is overdue, you are in luck.  Tuesday, September 18, is National IT Professionals Day.  It is the perfect opportunity to recognize and appreciate the work you know and the work you don’t that your information technology professional performs daily, weekends and nights too.

What IT Professionals Do for You

Let’s put this in perspective.  Your IT guy or gal is the one who sets up your email and ensures you do not become a spam magnet; patches your organizations’ network vulnerabilities; and resets your password _ again _ because you forgot yours while sipping pina coladas in Cancun.

IT professionals are becoming ever more critical to the core functions of all businesses in all sectors, from Main Street to the multi-national that never sleeps.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of IT jobs will grow by about 500,000 positions in the next seven years.

The profession’s importance is growing leaps and bounds because IT is not just on your desk or in your ear.  It is everywhere: In the workshop’s lathe, your car’s tires, in your Google Assistant.  McDonald’s knows exactly how important the geeks in the server room are.  Just watch this TV commercial, a quintessential favorite of IT pros.

How to Show Your Appreciation

If you take the step to celebrate the day, no matter how modestly, it is sure to surprise and delight your Rails-literate code wrangler.  In fact, this year will be the just third annual national day recognizing IT professionals.

A card, a cupcake, or an impromptu office gathering to celebrate this highly skilled employee’s valor and patience in saving everyone from a motherboard meltdown will do.  However, if you are an overachiever and know just what flavor of geekiness your IT professional subscribes to, swag that is off the chain is just a click away.

Most important of all will be a sincere “thank you.”  The IT pro addresses error codes and smashing email delivered malware (despite repeated warnings), all while keeping the solid-state and clouded architecture, and the core applications working seamlessly.

Charles M. Schwab, an unquestionable financial guru said, “I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among men the greatest asset I possess. The way to develop the best that is in a man is by appreciation and encouragement.”