Showcase Selected Student Artwork from Shelton School

For more than forty years the June Shelton School and Evaluation Center, a center famous for its unparalleled curriculum, dedicated its resources and highly trained staff to helping those who learn differently engage and empower themselves for the future. By doing this, they encouraged all students with learning differences, such as dyslexia, to work toward a common goal and reach educational milestones successfully.

Among its staff are various Alumni including the reputable entrepreneur and Globe Runner CEO Eric McGehearty, a man who proudly credits a large portion of his success to the time he spent studying with the professional staff of the Shelton School. As a means to give back some of that amazing success he gained from attending this school, Eric, along with his SEO and online Marketing Company, decided to once again represent the amazing talent found at Shelton School.

During this event, parents and guests are invited to see some of the Shelton School’s best artists showcasing their work. Among the pieces to be shown, expect to see artists of all age groups and backgrounds, as well as a variety of learning differences. Through differences come unique perspectives, and guests might just leave with a renewed sense of wonder.

art gallery

The student showcase begins on Monday, February 20th and will run until Friday, February 24th. On opening night, Monday, February 20th, parents are invited to come see the talent of their children and their children’s classmates firsthand.

In total, roughly 20 art pieces of all mediums will be viewable at Gallery 550, located inside Globe Runner’s Addison office. This is only the second time in the school’s history that students will show in one of Addison’s few art exhibits, as well as the city’s second business and gallery combination.

“As a sculptor and MFA graduate of the University of North Texas, supporting and encouraging future artists is as close to my heart as the Shelton School itself,” Eric says, “The goal of Gallery 550 was always to make meaningful contributions to the Addison community through art. I’m so pleased to have found a way to support both the community at large as well as the invaluable work and enormous talent of the Shelton School.”

Linda Kneese, Head of Shelton School, says, “The arts are a very important part of the education students receive at Shelton.  We are proud to be able to highlight their talents in this show.”

About Globe Runner

Globe Runner is an Addison, Texas based search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and digital advertising agency. It has over 60 local, national and international B2C and B2B clients in consumer-packaged goods (CPG), beauty, credit repair, fashion, healthcare, home and interiors, jewelry, legal services and sports. Globe Runner sits on the boards of the Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association (DFWSEM) and the Social Media Club of Dallas (SMC Dallas). The agency’s staff and work have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Adweek.

About June Shelton School and Evaluation Center

The June Shelton School and Evaluation Center was founded by Dr. June Ford Shelton in 1976. It has since grown over its 40 years into an international demonstration, resource and research center. With a staff of almost 250 the Shelton School serves close to 915 students with learning differences, including dyslexia and related disorders. The school provides specific instruction/remediation for students in pre-school (3 years of age) through 12th grade in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere. Drama, music, art, library and PE/athletics enhance the total school program.

Shelton’s Evaluation Center provides psycho-educational assessments for clients from the Dallas area and beyond. The Teacher Education department provides teacher training in a variety of programs including SEE, Alphabetic Phonics, the Association Method and Montessori Applied to At-Risk students. Other private services offered at Shelton include Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration and Social Skills Therapy. Both services are provided through Integrative Pediatrics.