The Brand Pyramid

The brand pyramid. This is a great way to think about what your company does and what your company represents. There’s the day-to-day activities at the bottom of the pyramid. These are the core activities of any business. At the very top is the peak experience, or the essence of the brand pyramid.

Once you get to the top of a brand pyramid, you get to the distinguishing factors. The value adds. These would include having the best or fastest widgets. Your “unique’s”. There lies the essence of your brand. This top level should be very succinct.

It should be succinct because this top level represents you. This is what makes your company really unique. Sure, it’s important to have the best guarantee and quality assurance. But knowing your X-factor from the outset is important and that’s why we create brand pyramids for our clients. It represents not only what sets us apart in business, but what emotionally sets us apart, as well.