How To Write A Great Email For Your Upcoming Campaign

Whether you’re sending a single email or crafting one that will be distributed to thousands, there are a number of things you can’t overlook if you want to get the most opens and clicks possible. Sure, you could get lucky and achieve the metrics you’re looking for, but why leave it up to chance? Counting on luck is a bad digital marketing decision. Subject Line The email subject line is so important that, if it isn’t carefully crafted, the following …

5 Ways To Help Your Business Survive (And Even Thrive)

A downturn is no time for downtime, at least when it comes to your business. Even though you may be out of the office, by following these 5 tips you can help your company succeed, now and in the future: 1. Double down on marketing In today’s world, marketing is a necessity, as vital to your business as the products you make or the services you sell. “A number of studies going back nearly one-century point out the advantages of …

Marketing Your Retail to Go Services

With Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s most recent executive order (April 17, 2020), our state’s non-essential Texas retailers can begin offering “retail to-go” services this Friday. This is a fantastic opportunity for retailers to recoup some of the revenue that was lost over the past month when stores were shuttered. So what is your plan for marketing your retail to-go program?

Now is the Time to Get Creative!

As we face a new reality of battling the coronavirus (COVID-19), your way of life and your way of doing business has likely changed completely, seemingly overnight. While these are challenging times, for many of us, there are opportunities. Throughout history, in times of crisis, adaptability has proven to be an essential ingredient for survival. During wartime, hundreds of U.S. manufacturing companies converted their operations from making consumer goods to items essential for war. Today, with COVID-19 spreading across the …

8 Advantages of Outsourcing Digital Content Marketing to the Pros

In business, some departments are mission critical. At a minimum, you need a leader to make the decisions and an accounts payable principle to send out checks each week. (Because let’s face it, no matter how nicely you ask them, no one’s going to work for free.) A sales team is great for making sure money continues to come in, but without the right collateral, they could fall short.

How to Gain Customer Attention with a Business YouTube Channel

One billion hours. That’s how long we collectively spend consuming content on YouTube every day. The only statistic that rivals it? The 1.8 billion total monthly users that login to watch – that’s a quarter of the world’s entire population! What’s more, when it comes to reaching 18-49-year-olds, YouTube outpaces every other major cable network in the U.S. and 85% of American teens use it, too.